Audio Manager APK (Hide It Pro) APK 3.0.2 Download for Android

Here in this post we are going to share the Audio Manager Pro APK for you. You can download direct this app from the given download link and the download link is provided at the last of this page. By click on the given download link your download will start automatically. This is the latest version of Audio Manager. The developers of this app will get the permission to the users to use this app for free. You don`t have to pay anything for the download. The developers of Audio Manager (Hide it Pro) are The ANUJ TENANI they release this app on 2016. 

You can easily download this app for your Android 3.0.2 and higher. You can use this app to hide your phones all files and records like you can easily hide your phones audio files, calls, massages and all other activities which you explore on your phone. Some times you can store many unsecured videos on your phone and want to hide them but you can`t do this stuff due to the securities of your phone but by using this app you can easily hide all your videos and selected videos easily on your smart phones. 

If you have images and you want to hide them from your friends and family so just use this app and hide all your images with using a simple stuffs. This app also enables you to hide your application which are installed on your phone. The Audio Manager APK is also available for your i phones and iPad but we only share the download link for the Android phones and only the Android users can only download this app from our site. The download stuff is so simple you have to just click on the given download link and the download will starts automatically. To download click on the download link.

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